Dance With Melanie



Quotes I can't say enough good things about my experience. My son wasn't interested in competitive dance, but still wanted to learn dance properly -- with all of the correct terms and steps -- this has been perfect for him. He is energized by the learning, and has so much fun with the engaging and supportive teachers. The studio is always filled with upbeat and enthusiastic energy and he is always excited to get there! This is a place where differences are celebrated -- and as the mom of a boy who dances, I am extremely grateful for that. Quotes

Quotes When I finished high school I knew I wanted to study music theatre, and Sheridan was the best school to attend. The audition process was rigorous but my strong foundation in ballet technique really helped me get in! Throughout all my years in school and working professionally, the dance skills and work ethic Melanie taught me have been a huge asset. I am so grateful I found Melanie and had the opportunity to study with her. Quotes
Heather Sande
Professional dancer, singer, actor

Quotes Thank you for teaching Sarah these past two years, she has learned SO much. If only we had done it sooner! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Quotes
happy mom